POJ1004--FinancialManagement( 财务管理)翻译

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TimeLimit:1000MS        Memory Limit:10000K


TotalSubmissions:157065          Accepted:60269



  Description   Larry graduated this year and finally has ajob.   Larry今年毕业了,并且找到了工作。   He's making a lot of money, but somehownever seems to have enough.   他赚了很多钱,但不知怎的总觉得不够。   Larry has decided that he needs to grabhold of his financial portfolio and solve his financing problems.   他决定,他需要把握住他的投资组合(这句感觉好别扭,有没有更好的翻译,求指点),以解决他的经济问题。   The first step is to figure out what's beengoing on with his money.   首先要算出他的钱都去哪了    Larry has his bank account statements andwants to see how much money he has.   Larry得到了他的银行账单,想要查看他有多少钱。   Help Larry by writing a program to take hisclosing balance from each of the past twelve months and calculate his averageaccount balance.   帮助Larry写一个程序,计算他过去12个月的终期余额和他的平均账户余额           Input   The input will be twelve lines. Each linewill contain the closing balance of his bank account for a particular month.   输入包含12行,每一行是他一个月的终期余额。   Each number will be positive and displayedto the penny. No dollar sign will be included.   输入的每个数都是一个正数,显示到分。没有美元符号。           Output   The output will be a single number, theaverage (mean) of the closing balances for the twelve months.   输出只有一个数,表示12月的平均余额。    Itwill be rounded to the nearest penny, preceded immediately by a dollar sign,and followed by the end-of-line.   精确到分,开头加上美元符号,最后接一个行尾结束符   (注end-of-line意思是行尾结束符,一般来说就是\n)   There will be no other spaces or charactersin the output.   输出不包含空格或其他符号           Sample Input   100.00   489.12   12454.12   1234.10   823.05   109.20   5.27   1542.25   839.18   83.99   1295.01   1.75   Sample Output   $1581.42  

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